I Believe …

  • I am a religious man.

    It has often been said to me ‘Keith, you seem to be a rational man, how come you are religious ?’

    The reply never changes - ‘Because I am rational.’

    This page is for those folk who are interested in religion.

    Some people think that religious people are too idealistic to live in the ‘real world’.

    Actually, I believe that idealists are the only true pragmatists.

    Should I want a better world, a necessary first step is to change myself.

  • My work is informed by my religious beliefs.

    I try to walk the spiritual path with practical feet

    I am a Bah
    áí, - a member of the Baháí Faith.

    Which gives me no right to try to
    make other people become Baháís !!

  • If you want to know more, please click on the heading below, it will take you to the United Kingdom National Baháí web site.

    The Basic Baháí Tenets include

    The oneness of the world of humanity.

    The foundation of all religion is one.

    That religion must be the cause of unity.

    That religion must be in accord with science and rationality.

    That religion must allow the independent investigation of truth.

    That religion must encompass the equality of men and women.

    The abolition of all forms of prejudice.

    Universal peace.

    Universal auxiliary language.

    Spiritual solution of economic problems.

    An international tribunal.

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